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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 5, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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saturday. >> updates through the evening. that's our news at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00 with the latest on the snow. good night. . chills new details in the case that gripped the nation. america's top spy defends u.s. intelligence. it was russia, he says. high drama hours from president elect donald trump secret briefing. bracing for impact. massive winter storm. emergency that could paralyze cities in the south. peanut allergy surprise. new way to combat them. tonight nation's doctors say something parents have been told for years is wrong. hollywood dream come true. movie stars jumping at the chance to work
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with a young film maker inspiring america. nightly news begins right now. good morning. there's a lot of ground to cover tonight. including the disturbing news about russian hacking delivered to capitol hill by the white house today. testifying before a senate committee about the steextent of russian attempts to influence the u.s. election. begin with unimaginable crime that touches the intersection of race, technolo technology, and even politics. police in chicago tonight are calling a hate crime. four black young adults accused of kidnapping and beating an 18-year-old white man with special needs. hurling racial insults during a vicious attack that was broadcast live on facebook. the horror began on new year's eve and today resulted in a series of criminal charges. some the images you're
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about to see are hard to watch. nbc is in chicago tonight with late details. >> reporter: the horrifying images have been seen arnold the world. 18-year-old with mental health challenges tortured. cloe clothing and hair slashed with a knife. head pushed into a toilet forced to drink the water. the accused four african-american did not hide their faces in the video streamed live to facebook. taunting the white teen with racial and political expletives. [ bleep ] donald trump [ bleep ] white people. >> tonight reaction from the white house. >> they do demonstrate a level of deprivety that is an outrage. >> the victim's grandmother tells nbc news she's too upset to watch the video. >> i don't want to watch him suffering. i know he did. >> reporter: investigation confirm the victim went to
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school with one alleged assailant. jordan hill. victim's parents dropped him off to meet hill for a sleepover. hill then allegedly drove him into the city in a stolen van. >> investigators say the 18-year-old was being held captive in one of these homes on chicago's west side. found tuesday afternoon wondering and disoriented about a block away. >> he is able to escape when a downstairs neighborhood calls the police complaining that -- of all the noise upstairs. >> among the charges announced today against the two men and two women w.h.ho are sisters, a hate crime, kidnapping, unlawful restraint and battery with a deadly weapon. >> you see the racial slurs there. you see the insults. he's a disability. it's a hate crime all the way. >> i hope god speaks to their souls. and shows them the
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right away. >> those suspects will make first court appearance in chicago tomorrow. as for the viability, -- viabilislikt he is home tonight and traumatized. having trouble communicating. >> blake, thank you. now as promised the dramatic day on capitol hill. nation's top intelligence official and other spy chiefs insisting before congress that russia was indeed behind hacks during the election. in the face of repeated dismissals from president elect trump. as our andrea mitchell reports their conclusions found support on both sides of the aisle. >> tonight we're in agreement among democrats and republicans. donald trump has doubts, but they say russia did it. >> every america should be alarmed by russia's attacks on the nation. >> reporter: john mccain calling the hacking an act of war. most of the senators supporting the intelligence officials after trump's repeated attacks. >> who actually is the benefactor of someone who is about to become commander in chief
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trashing the intelligence community? >> i think there is an important distinction here between healthy skepticism, but i think there's a different between september schism and disparageme disparagement. >> james clapper retiring in 15 days after 53 years in intelligence. serving every president since jfk. saying he is apolitical, but preparing to brief a tough critic, the president elect tomorrow, face to face. >> you're going to be challenged tomorrow by the president elect. are you okay with being challenged? >> absolutely. >> just two hours before today's hearing, perhaps an olive branch from trump. backing offer a tweet wednesday seeming to support julian assange over u.s. intelligence. trump tweeting today, the dishonest media likes saying i'm in agreement with julian asong. wrong. the media has to make it look like i'm
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against intelligence when in fact i'm a big fan. it could be awkward. also in the briefing, trump's national security adviser, michael flin, who clapper fired as head of intelligence. >> do you think some of this is personal. >> i have no idea. as to the intelligence briefing that's coming friday, i've never met anybody that's been briefed that's gotten any doubt russia did this. >> reporter: tomorrow morning officials tell nbc news the intelligence will brief bipartisan congressional leaders here before going to new york to face donald trump. some will be classified and made public next week. >> andrea mitchell on capitol hill, thanks. president obama was already briefed today on that intelligence report. and this evening we have an exclusive look inside the top secret report he was presented. nbc holly jackson has that. tonight an exclusive inside look at a top secret report on russia. one that went directly to president obama today. so what is it reveal?
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two top intelligence officials with direct knowledge of the report tell nbc news it details russian cyber attacks not just against the democratic national committee, but the white house. the joint chiefs of staff, the state department, even american companies. some hacks successful, others not. the report explains moscow's motives to disrupt the democratic process and partly as payback, the intelligence analysts conclude of president obama's questioning of the legit moo si of president. the report tracks russian cyber activity back to 2008 and 2012. it does not speculate on whether russia's interference apefected the outcome of 2016. president obama says today he has full faith in the conclusions of that report. president elect trump will get the same briefing tomorrow has seemed skeptical of the intelligence community so far. >> the president of nbc chicago karl
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marine. >> when the president elect receives his own briefings and is able to examine intelligence as his team is put together, and they see how professional and effective these agencies are that some of those current tensions will be reduced. >> holly jackson, nbc news t white house. trump had more on his mind than the white house. for about an hour today he was deposed in a contentious lawsuit over his business deals. >> reporter: inside trump tower today, president elect donald trump in the hot seat, deposed in a breach of contract suit that started two years ago in a high powered celebrity clash between trump and famed chef, jose andres. trump sued him after the chef scrapped plans for a restaurant in the new washington, d.c. hotel, accusing him of making disparaging remarks.
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>> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. their rapist and some are good people. >> reporter: in a statement trump's attorney said the deposition lasted for about an hour and reiterated his argument. andres breached lease by walking out. not responding to request for comment, but tweeted today, let's resolve this in a friendly way. we donate money to a charity is a great deal. >> trump insisted controversial comments may actually be good for business. on display this summer in a deposition in which another chef broke ties with trump over his language about immigrants. >> if the restaurant would be helped as opposed to hurt. >> why do you think that. >> i tapped into something. i tapped into illegal immigration. >> reporter: trump just paid out $25 million to settle three lawsuits against trump university and still embroiled in several other lawsuits which could fall him to the white house. only a few sitting or incoming presidents have ever been deposed.
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grant, ford, carter, clinton. an exclusive club with one new member. now to states of emergency in the south tonight. bracing for a potentially paralyzing winter storm. massive system already causing headaches across huge parts of the country. in a moment, al roeker will join me with late details on the forecast. first nbc jacob. >> reporter: the severe weather warning stretched from coast to coast. >> we are still seeing troubles on the road. >> reporter: white out conditions. a truck driver digging himself out in michigan. heavy snow blanketing the sierra and mountains out west. nightmare for many in colorado, especially this man stuck on a chair lift and two skiers in utah lost in a snowstorm for 14 hours. building a shelter out of dead tree to stay alive. >> we needed to warm up. we soaked head to toe. >> portland scrambled
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to restore power. a water rescue in southern california. further north, interstate 80 shutdown in both directions. stranded for several hours. 82 million americans under winter advisories. southeast bracing for impact. atlanta expecting a winter's worth of snow in one day. hoping to avoid a repeat of 2014 when just three inches of snow paralyzed the city. >> we are never going to be caught again in a situation like 2014. near chicago, it was surfs up for this group of friends. a little fun amid punishing winter storms that are far from finished. nbc news, atlanta. al rois here. trouble all over the map. >> start in the great lakes where we have lake effect snow from cleveland on into watertown new york. storm totals 2-3 feet.
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we've also got this double barrel low pressure system comes through the gulf and up along the southeast. snow will mix with rain and sleet and make for dangerous travel and so our latest models show one to two inches in the new england. heaviest snow concentrated. rale lee, charlotte, atlanta may see two to five inches of snow. out west atmospheric river of moisture coming into the pacific. a storm that happens once every 5-10 years. talking anywhere from 4-10 inches of rain. some areas could pick up in the sierra nevada 20 inches of rain. 2 trillion gallons of water before it's over. dramatic take down tonight after a wild nearly week long manhunt for an inmate on the run. gone for hours before anyone even noticed. >> reporter: after five days and a multistate manhunt
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escaped inmate is now in custody. his trail cold for days until today. with at least two alleged attempts at bank robbery. at 9:00 a.m. this morning, a man matching his description was spotted passing a note to a bank teller demanding money. hours later, he tried again. just a few miles away. that's when police got their man. >> suspect briefly attempted to resist, but trooper took control. >> fled a prison new year's eve. daring escape starting around 7:00 p.m. during outdoor recreation time. scaled a basketball hoop and reached a rooftop. jumping down and cutting through a bashed wire fence. possibly injuring himself. the warden says officers didn't know he was missing until around 10:30. took an hour to notify police. the 35-year-old has a long criminal history include accident a child rape charge. awaiting trial on charges he stole 16
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guns from an army reserve center in 2015. prison officials are facing questions about how this could have happened. >> this incident is holy wholly and entirely unacceptable. still ahead tonight, preventing peanut allergies. big changes to parental guidelines. what experts say you should do to prevent a lifetime of dangerous complications for in hey, it's the phillips' lady!
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we're back now with big changes to the way parents should protect children from developing peanut allergies. new recommendations from nation's top doctors which may seem to cricket everything we've been told. nbc explains. >> reporter: when kelly found out her daughter was at high risk of developing a peanut allergy like her brother, the doctors advice was surprising. give him food containing peanuts. >> it's scary because there's a family history of it. >> reporter: but today stunning new recommendations from the government's top authorities at the national institutes of health, even children with a family history should eat peanut products at a very early able to prevent allergies from ever developing. >> certainly the timing is key. there is a window where the immune system isn't going to recognize peanut as dangerous. that we believe happens very, very early.
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>> reporter: according to the guidelines, infants at high risk should be introduced to small doses of peanuts after four months with doctor soup vision. all other children can start at 6 months at home. >> suggest giving pea enou . >> che has been eating yogurt with peanut powder every day and no signs of allergy. >> not having to worry about the allergy is huge. don't have to worry about a life or death reaction. eases your mind. >> reporter: today a newer approach that could spare kids from developing peanut allergies. nbc news, new york. when we come back here tonight. return to sender. how all the holiday
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try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. there are some pretty telling evidence tonight of the toll online shopping is having on some of the nation's
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biggest department stores. after disappointing holiday sales, two retailing giants first macy's and now sears are announcing plans to close hundreds of stores and lay off thousands of employees as retail habits change. here's nbc tom costello. >> reporter: they are two american retailing icons with roots going back to the 1800s. macy's and sears. >> sears where america shops for value. >> reporter: now both struggling against 21st century digital competition. macy's closing 100 stores and laying off 10,000 employees. k marlt and sears closing 150 stores. even selling the craftsman tool line. another department store, khols. >> people can get their hair blown, go to the gym, go to coffee bar. >> americans did spend
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big over the holidays. up 4% over last year. online sales up a whopping 17%. more amazon, less sears. >> i think it's sad, but it's a lot easier for people to just do online shopping. sit home on the couch. >> americans today are choose accident discounters. among them t.j. max. ross, burlington. >> to survive, retailers need a digital and physical store offering something unique. even amazon is open lg pop-up stars, where, where else be the malls. nbc news. on the subject of that all online holiday shopping. today is expected to be the biggest day ever for online returns through ups. on this day alone, ups expects to ship 1.3 million unwanted packages back to retailers today. which the company had dubbed national returns day. when we come back, lights, camera, compassi compassion.
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...are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell you doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine,... ...or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away... ...if you have signs of ketoacidosis... ...which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga... ...and learn how you can get it for free. finally tonight, a star is born. at just 16, already written and acted in his very own movie with the help of a
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bunch of hollywood a listers. an organization that inspiring america. miguel am gear has the story. >> reporter: on the set of this hollywood film. you'll find famous faces. johnny depp. >> the real star of this zombie thriller, 16-year-old anthony. the writer and leading man. >> it's so powerful. it's you expressing you. i love that. >> reporter: everyone here is a volunteer. giving to the make a film foundation. when this team heard anthony was battling a rare life threatening cancer, everyone leapt at the chance to work with him. >> there was no thinking. they were just yes and that really did amaze me and touch my heart. >> reporter: the make a film foundation grants film wishes to children battling serious diseases. so far, more than 100
6:58 pm
documentaries and four short films completed. the volunteers are tinseltown's biggest stars coming together to give kids a chance to shine. >> this is his dream come true. this the movie he wanted to make. it's a culmination of a life that he's fighting to keep. >> reporter: anthony couldn't come to los angeles for premier night so hollywood came to him. special careening at his hospital in boston. >> seeing the film, it was everything i had hoped for. >> reporter: this movie may not be a blockbuster just yet, but for this young film maker, it's the role of a lifetime. nbc news, los angeles. that's going to do it for us on a thursday night. i'm lester holt. from all of us at nbc
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news, thank you for watching and good now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good evening. the snow has started in parts of the area, and it's about to start in others. you can see on the radar everything is filling in here, the darker blues indicating a little bit heavier snow coming down. it's probably reaching the ground. we're talking about southern chester county, northern new castle county, newark, delaware, wilmington, delaware getting a little bit. and that's moving through delaware county now and into philadelphia. certainly seeing it within the next hour. the heavier snow back in western pennsylvania and west virginia. this is not a huge storm, and
7:00 pm
it's generally occurring overnight. so the timing is good. 31 degrees in philadelphia now. it's below freezing just about through the entire area. and as the snow falls, it will knock the temperatures down even more. so it's going stick to untreated surfaces. as we go through the evening, we're going to see more and more of the area covered with this snow. the darker blues again a little heavier. and you can see temperatures way below the freezing mark. so it would stick, but it's also ending before the morning rush in much of the area. at 5:00 a.m., the only snow left is right at the jersey shore, and even there it's over before 7:00. how much snow? generally speaking, about 2 inches on average. a little bit more perhaps in some of the higher elevations in bucks, montgomery, and chester counties. a little bit less snow to the north and to the south of this area. more significant system possibl


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